Dear diary


Posted by Niluxshan | Posted in General News | Posted on 04-02-2015

When I sleeping I was having a dream. I. Was in Big Ben and I heard bing  bang . Then I heard something in the roof and then I put my slippers and

carefully woke down stairs and something came out of the chimney and it

was so fat tummy and  it has white beard it was Father Christmas me and

Akshitha was existing Santa said Ho ho ho and said he is sick and Santa said can you deliver all presents said niluxshan akshitha on my sleigh yes first we

Eiffel Tower was enormous and it was enormous then a mountain or a house so

We deliver presents then went to Sydney opera house in astrailla and it like a funny shape and its a triangle then we delver presents

Santa gave me a hug  and What a magical day

By Niluxshan and Akshitha


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is it true niluxshan or fake?

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