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Hinduism is a religion . They celabrate there party and do speshal dancing. I am cristian. Hindu go to temple because they are praying to god . My freind is hindu because there mum and dad are hindu . Some tamil people are cristian and hindu.

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hidu gods name are lukshi,sita,rama,hanaman,ravana and braham lot of god name but i cant remeber it

The gods is shiny and beautiful

the temple is quit and we ask quition

hidu is very fun when we were walking we saw my house

can you tell the god name

how many time we are going to the temple

the stair was hard because they put gape

hidu put diva lamp,insene,prashad and bell

we are learning about hidu

hidu belive god because there rilliges

i like hidu party

i like the mendy because is brilliant

what did you like in the hidu party

i like the mendy

i should use suddenly ,in a flash

i like using word that is new

i like hidu

i want to by hidu

i want to beet everyone because is fun

i love reading jernal

is my favaurite

i love hidu

i want to bring some thing to school

my favaurite thing is hidu

what we are learning about

i like it

you love blogging

ou love blog

i love blog because we love it

hidu is inportent

Hidu is inportent because we are Learning it

Hidu Pray for god in temple and home

I love hidu we do mendy

It is perfect to leaen

I love hidu because sedi mendy dance

Everybody love hidu

We love posting blog

Blog is inportent i love blog

Hidu out dot in there head

We out nice cloth in party

You love hidu

I am winning in blog

Hidu is people rilliges

I relly love blogging

Why we didnt dance

I love. To watch blogging

Hidu dont love Christian. Because they. Are not Christian

this story highlight the goods poems from leaning log

Now we are learning about Mae Jemison

We are email you

Blogging is fun


Do you love emailing mae jesison

What question are you asking

Very. Good miracleleen

I said I heard you are a doctor

I am beeting

You are watching alvin

I am artist

You are a little bit like an artist .

Thank you Evangelin

Very good

Brilliant work miraceleleen

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